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The Numbers of 2019

15,896 spectators, 8 Countries, 107 Performances, 2 Premieres, 28 Locations

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programa A5 FRENTE marionetas cidade 201
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22nd edition
Gulliver Junior Award
Sophia's Journey

In 2019, the SAMarionetas company was in 8 countries with 11 different productions where 15,896 spectators watched the 107 presentations in 28 locations. We premiered 2 shows - Consonance with pianist Daniel Bernardes and A Viagem de Sophia with text by Sophia de Mello Breyner. We received the Gulliver Junior International award in Romania with the show etc… Spain, France, Belgium, Slovakia, São Tomé and Principe and Angola were the remaining trips outside Portugal.

In Sintra at Festival Imaginário and in São João da Madeira at Festival Hat Weekend we direct the community show Lúmen – a love story. We are eternally grateful for the effort and dedication of all the participants in this great production.

We organized the 22nd edition of the Marionetas na Cidade Festival in Alcobaça. Foram 4 dias, 9 companhias, 11 produções e 21 apresentações, sendo 1 estreia nacional e 1 exposição Marionetas do Mundo – collection of the SAMarionetas company at the Alcobaça Wine Museum, which, in 30 days, had 768 visitors. This year, for the fifth time in a row, it had the European quality seal EFFE – Europe for Festival Festivals for Europe.

The company's presence at the EFFE Summit in Lisbon, at TEDx Alcobaça and at the 1st Iberian Theater Fair in Fundão should be mentioned.

Also a thank you to all the entities that supported us to go out of doors, Camões Institute for Cooperation and Language, Portuguese Cultural Center of São Tomé and Príncipe and Arte Institut. And finally, a thank you to the Municipality of Alcobaça that has always supported us in our projects indoors and out and to all those who have supported us for 22 years and 51 productions later.


SAMarionetas – Theater & Puppets

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