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The (Possible) Numbers 2020

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SAMarionetas - The (Possible) Numbers of 2020

In 2020 we started the year to receive the “Best Original Music” Award for the show Consonância com pianist Daniel Bernardes, awarded by the blog Guia dos Teatros.

Soon after, and like everyone else, we stood still waiting for better days.

Even so, in 2020, we still presented 15 sessions of 5 different productions and guided 8 training courses in construction and manipulation of puppets of various techniques.

We participated in the following events: Mariofa International Festival of Puppets, Objects and Animated Forms (Funchal), May Faire on line (London), RHI Stage on line, Fora dos Eixos (Santa Maria da Feira), Onda de Verão (Santa Cruz), Estado of Exception (Monte Real) and Christmas Moments (Alcobaça).

We organized the 23rd edition of the Marionetas na Cidade Festival in Alcobaça, which sold out all 11 shows by 10 companies that presented 26 sessions in 3 days.

We participated in the campaign to prevent violence against women and domestic violence 54 seconds promoted by the Union of Parishes of Marrazes and Barosa.

We went to Canal Q to show É a vida Alvim to promote our latest production A Viagem de Sophia and the RTPPlay program Andarilho- Vou ali already come, spoke with us about our 23-year journey working for the doll.

We also restored the marionettes of the musical Avenida Q (which we had built in 2016), which is now ending its fourth season, with almost always sold out, at Teatro Maria Matos, which makes us very proud.

The end of the year was for the launch of our latest project: Mariolinda Tradespi – the missing Drag Influencer! This is a project to be developed on social networks and aims to be a space for fun but also for reflection on various subjects.

It is being difficult to maintain the activity but thanks to the efforts of several public and private entities, the SAMarionetas company is resisting this whole new world. We sincerely thank all those who have believed that this project has a future.

Thanks to the Portuguese Republic Culture – DGArtes|Directorate General for the Arts, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Solidarity Fund for Culture, Alcobaça City Council, Alcobaça and Vestiaria Parish Union, Pensão Corações Unidos, Hotel Santa Maria, Tasca Zé da Loja, and to the public - the most important of all - who, despite all restrictions, continue to believe and support our work.



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