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Being PATRONO S.A.Marionetas means supporting the company in a more direct and permanent way.

Being a professional structure of creation in puppet theater of a private nature, it seeks financing in the sale of its creations or organization of events on the theme Marionette.

This funding is insufficient only with the value of the sale of tickets for the shows / events. Hence the structure, being legally constituted as a non-profit cultural association since 1997, seeks support in several places. The biggest source of financing to make our projects a reality is the sale to Municipalities, Parish Councils, Festivals and various events. State support for structures such as SAMarionetas is usually scarce and difficult to obtain. National private institutions that support culture are also few and small. Although the company has been operating successfully for the past 23 years, the occasional support from public and private entities is often not sufficient to maintain the normal functioning of the structure.

We are a family owned and operated business.

Thus, in the image of what is done in other countries, we decided to create the figure of PATRONO that is nothing more than a person or company / institution that, through a donation, will help the S.A.Marionetas company in the continuity of its work in favor of the enjoyment and cultural development of society through opportunity and experience through culture with puppet theater.

The advantages of being a company SPONSOR are reflected in exclusive access to content, VIP tickets, image promotion (in the case of companies), invitations to premieres and events organized by the company.


The PATRON figure is divided into categories "gold", "silver", "bronze", "Platinum" and "Diamond"

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SILVER PATRONO    | > 2. 500.00

GOLD PATRONO      | > 5,000.00

PLATINUM PATRONO | > 10,000.00

DIAMOND PATRONO| > 20,000.00


MBWAY - 967 086 609

IBAN - PT 50 0007 0336 0002 5850 0085 1


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