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Construction and Handling Workshop
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The SAMarionetas company will guide 3 workshops to initiate the construction and manipulation of puppets during the month of January 2021 at the Alcobaça cinema-theater. These formations are on Saturdays during the afternoon lasting 1 hour (15:00 - 16:00) and are aimed at everyone who wants to enter the world of puppets in its various aspects. It is a training that can be done by adults and children accompanied by adults. Each child under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.


The cost of each training:

- 10 euros 1 child (under 10 years old) accompanied by 1 adult .

- 10 euros over 10 years

Registrations are made in advance via email:

Payment can be made by bank transfer or in person on the day of training


The training follows the recommendations of the DGS in the prevention of covid-19, with all materials for individual use and recommended distance between participants.

At the end of the formations, the puppets built remain for each trainee.

The use of a mask is mandatory for all participants.

The culture is safe !!!!!



09 - "Sombras de Reis" Shadow puppet construction workshop (Canceled COVID-19)

23 - "Articulated Puppet" Articulated puppet building workshop

30 - "Paper theater" Workshop for the construction of paper puppets and their theater.

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The objectives of such a training action can be divided into two equally important parts:
construction and manipulation, essentially a technical aspect, and the work of puppeteer (manipulator), thus focusing on generic aspects of theater, in terms of dramatic expression, and particular aspects of puppet manipulation, specifically the manipulation of the techniques on which focused on construction.
However, it is not intended to train actors / manipulators, since this would not be possible, but rather to transmit to those who are in some way interested in the puppet phenomenon (either due to professional circumstances,
either out of mere curiosity or interest) technical knowledge, on the one hand, which allows them to develop their skills as puppeteers on their own ability to animate inanimate objects.




- Glove

- Rod

- Shadows

- Wires

- Stick


elements of the SAMarionetas company



(due to the specificity of these formations, the work modules may vary according to the desired objective)

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