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SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos , is a professional creation structure in puppet theater composed by authors, builders and puppeteers who produce originals and in Portuguese, with the aim of promoting and publicizing the Puppet Theater. In this perspective, his work involves research and the search for new aesthetic solutions, as well as the preservation of the Portuguese popular tradition through research and continuity in the realization of Teatro D. Roberto. In both cases, the itinerancy of the shows is privileged as the best way to disseminate the art of the puppet.

Still in compliance with these objectives, the company has been organizing, since 1998, the National Puppet Theater Festival "Marionetas na Cidade" in Alcobaça, where it is based. In 2015 the festival was distinguished with the "EFFE Label". He has participated in several Festivals in Portugal, having also represented the country in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, England, Wales, Scotland, Italy, Czech Republic, China, Slovakia, Macau, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, South Korea, Turkey , Austria, Iran, Thailand. Since 1997, he has created 45 original productions. In 2005 he was awarded the prize for cultural merit in the arts and show “Troféu Afonso Lopes Vieira”.

In 2010 he received the special jury prize for the preservation and continuity of the traditional European puppet theater with the show “D. Roberto". Also with this show, she was nominated for better handling at the 14th Prague World Puppet Art Festival. In 2012 she was selected to participate in the world puppet festival in Chengdu, China, where she received the "Award Puppetry Festival Participation". In the same year she was nominated for the Best Childhood Production Award at the International Award "Golden Gander" Kremnické Gagy in Slovakia. In 2013 he received the Prize - "Alcoa d´Ouro" category Culture, attributed by the newspaper O Alcoa. She was nominated for the best street show award at Wayang World Puppet Carnival in Jakarta, Indonesia. And he received the award for best traditional street puppet show at Wayang World Puppet Carnival. In 2014 he received the prize for best traditional show in the world with the Dom Roberto theater in Thailand. in 2016 he received the prize for best handling with the shows "etc ..." and "Teatro Dom Roberto" at the Animart festival in Lodz in Poland and the " Artistic Innovation Award " at the 5th Golden Magnolia Shanghai International Puppet Festival in China. In 2017 he received the "Puppet for Peace" Trophy at the Harmony World Puppet Festival in Kanchanaburi in Thailand. The nomination "Best Manipulation" and the "Best Director" award at the Word Puppet Festival EXPO 2017 in Astana in Kazakhstan and the "Preservation of traditions of ancient street theater" award at the 1st Kyiv international festival of puppet theater in Ukraine. In 2019, he received the "Gulliver Junior" Prize at the 27th Festivalul International de Animatie Gulliver in Galati, Romania.


It all started in 1979 with the name "Pequenos Comediantes de Trapos e Farrapos", in the form of school theater, which remained until 1984 . From that year onwards, the project remained at a more or less amateur level. In 1993 , the current name and collaboration with the Carpe Diem Association emerged, which lasted until June 1997 . In October of the same year, the Associação SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos was created, the group and its members were professionalized.

It is worth mentioning the participation in the National Meetings of Puppet Theater from 1981 to 1989 ; at the Leiria Amateur Theater Festival in 1984 and 1985 ; at the Almada Puppet Theater Meeting in 1993 ​; at the Alcobaça Theater Festival in 1993 and 1994 ; also in 1994 at the Meeting of Street Artists (Coimbra) and at the Meeting of the Portuguese Marioneta in Évora. More recently, he was present at the Évora International Puppet Biennial (May 1997 – Festival Off), as well as at the 1st Puppet Theater Festival in Viseu (November 1997 ). In 1998 , the company organized the 1st edition of "Puppets in the City" in Alcobaça (October), and participated in the 1st Puppet Week in Leiria (November).

In 1999 , the company participated in the 2nd Festival of Puppets of Viseu, in the 25th Anniversary Celebrations of the 25th of April 1974 promoted by the Civil Government of Leiria, in the Commemorations of the Bicentennial of the Neapolitan Revolution of 1799 (Naples - Italy), it was present at the Évora International Puppet Biennial (Festival Off), and participated in the 1st International Puppet Festival for Adults in Granada (Spain); participated in the 2nd Puppet Week of Leiria. In the same year, he organized As Fridays with SAM (project to publicize amateur cultural activities in the district of Leiria), and the second edition of “Puppets in the City”, which was part of the 1st National Meeting of Robertos Theater.

In 2000 , he participated in the Storytellers Week in Vila Franca de Xira, in the Europaisches Puppentheater Festival in Hamburg (Germany), in the 3rd Puppet Week in Leiria, in the World Children's Day Celebrations in Aljustrel, in the European Cities Day Animation without Cars in Leiria, at the Exhibition of the Glass Region / Mglass in Lisbon, at the Festa da Cidade de Loures.
Co-produced the project “Teatro Dom Roberto” – Animation on the beaches of the Leiria/Fátima Tourism Region, as well as the Christmas animation project with the Alcobaça Trade, Services and Industry Association. Also in 2000, he organized the 2nd Exhibition of Sounds and Gestures of Alcobaça (publication of amateur street animation projects), and the third edition of “Puppets in the City”.

In 2001 he participated in the Évora International Puppet Biennial; organized the 4th edition of the Festival “Puppets in the City”, participated in the 4th Puppet Week organized by the Municipalities of Leiria, Pombal and Marinha Grande; participated in the 1st Festival da Praça in Gouveia, in the Recreação de Feira of the 50s in Loures.
In 2002 , he organized the 1st Theater Exhibition of the Municipality of Alcobaça in collaboration with the Municipality, in which the amateur theater groups of the municipality joined; co-produced the video “A question of love” by the band The Gift, which won the Best Production award given by the TMN Gala.
Participated in the closing of the Cultural Pedagogical Project promoted by the Casa da Cultura de S. Miguel and Camacho CATS* - Cultural Production (Ribeira Grande - S. Miguel - Azores); at the Atlantic Festival (Santa Maria – Azores); co-produced the show “Why mice live underground” by the company A Quatro Patas; and also participated in various locations in the country in activities to encourage reading, as well as to publicize the traditional Portuguese puppet theater - “D. Roberto". Organized the 5th edition of the “Puppets in the City” Festival. He also participated in the 1st Puppet Festival of Valongo do Vouga; at the Recreation of the 50's Fair in Loures; and in the Book Marathon in Leiria. Co-produced the “Hybrid Jazz Project” in Alcobaça; and produced the project “Puppets with a lot of Jazzil” also in Alcobaça.

In 2003 , he organized the 6th edition of the festival “Puppets in the City”, participated in the 1st National Gala of Homage to the Firefighters of Portugal, in the “Magicx Cultura” - Feira da Cultura,  also participated in the 3rd International Puppet Festival in Carrazeda de Ansiães, at the Évora International Puppet Festival (BIME), at the 6th International Puppet Festival in Albacete (Spain), at the 5th International Puppet Festival in Lasseube (France) - “Fête des Infants Pas Sage ”, promoted several training courses in the field of construction and manipulation of puppetry, as well as in the area of actor's theater (Alcobaça, Caldas da Rainha, Pedrógão), also co-produced “Alcobaça Jazz”, participated in various activities of encouraging reading, as well as promoting the traditional Portuguese puppet theater - “Teatro D. Roberto”.

In 2004 , he participated in the 3rd Meeting of Theater Groups of the Municipality of Alcobaça, which included the celebrations of the World Theater Day; in the project “Agua e os Monges de Cister” organized by IPPAAR and the Municipal Library of Alcobaça; co-produced the show “Zik & Zib and other songs...” with tubist Sérgio Carolino, premiered at the 6th Caldas da Rainha Music Festival “Spring Concerts”; participated in the “Puppet Extravaganza” in Birmingham (England), as well as in the “Puppets a Plenty” in Birmingham and in the 4th “Punch & Judy Festival” in Aberystwyth (Wales); has participated in various activities to encourage reading in various libraries in the country, namely in the Municipal Library of Alcobaça, where it carried out an extensive program that lasted from April to June; was also present at the celebrations of the World Book Day in Castro Verde and Coimbra, of the World Children's Day in Ovar and Nazaré. He also produced the show “Captain Caracol and the hidden treasure”. Since October, he has been responsible for programming the Auditorium of the Adães Bermudes School in Alcobaça and has organized the 7th edition of the “Puppets in the City” festival.
In 2005 , the company co-produced the Baroque Puppet Opera “As Varieties of Proteu” with the Cistermúsica Festival of Alcobaça having toured through Barreiro, Abrantes, Santarém and Alcobaça; participated in Dynamics'05 in Birmingham with the show “TUBIC” and “Teatro D. Roberto” and was also in the 5th “Punch & Judy Festival” in Aberystwyth (Wales); He guided several puppet construction workshops, namely in Funchal (Madeira), Barcelos, Alcobaça, among others; co-produced with the Associação dos Amigos de D. Pedro and D. Inês the show “A culpa foi da Inês” and organized the 8th edition of the festival “Marionetas na Cidade” in Alcobaça,Co-produced with Velcro Graphic Design the project_cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ “The Adventures of Bnec”.

In 2006 , the company was distinguished with the Afonso Lopes Vieira award from the Leiria Region in the Arts and Entertainment category; it has its assets in the exhibition “The wonderful World of Puppets” present in the commercial areas of Mundicenter; participated in the Funchal Book Fair with various shows and puppet building workshops; and produced the puppets for the advertising campaign “Triplus”  by BANIF - Banco Internacional do Funchal, He produced the project “Theatrum Puparum” (medieval theater of bonifrates) which includes the Pieces_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ “D.Inês de Castro” and “A Padeira de Aljubarrota”,. He continued to co-produce with Velcro Graphic Design the project  “As Aventuras do Bnec”.
In October, he organized the 9th edition of the National Puppet Festival “Puppets in the City”, which was part of the 2nd National Meeting of the Dom Roberto Theater.
In 2007 , the company SAMarionetas, celebrated 10 years as a professional structure, held 199 shows in 25 locations in Portugal, seen by 12,775 spectators. We made 3 new productions, a Co-Production with the Contemporary Dance Company "A Caixa de Pandora - Dolls and Dancers" by José Gil and António Rodrigues, "Ben Almanzor - the spell of the Moor in the castle of Alcobaça "(theater of shadows) by José Gil, Sofia Vinagre and Natacha Costa Pereira, and at the end of the year the "Cabaret Minhoca" by José Gil, Sofia Vinagre and Natacha Costa Pereira. In October, once again, we organized the 10th National Festival of Puppet Theater in Alcobaça. and also in partnership with the Cultural Foundation “Armazém das Artes” we presented our entire collection (200 puppets) at the “Puppets in Alcobaça – 1979 – 2007” Exhibition for 3 months. the film "Comanipulação" [a documentary about the company SAMarionetas] by Rita Pimenta and Gonçalo Tarquínio closed the year.

During 2008 , we presented 226 shows from 9 productions that we have touring, in 53 locations in Portugal and abroad, seen by 26,673 spectators, we made 3 new productions. With the company “Marionetas da Feira” from Sta Maria da Feira, we co-produced the project “Bonecreiros da Corte” that created the show “Princesa Lia – Tome I” by José Gil, Rui Sousa, Sofia Vinagre and Natacha Costa Pereira. Then, with the company Puppetlink from Birmingham / England, we co-produced “puppets in glass and crystal” emerging another project - “Theatre of Glass”, which created the show “Tempestade”, which premiered in Stourbridge/ England. The direction was by Clive Chandler and José Gil.  Later, in co-production with Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça, we managed to debut another great project of the company that had already been around for about a year to be built:  “A Ver Navios – in the reign of D. João VI and Carlota Joaquina” by Sofia Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira, José Gil and Rui Sousa (show included in the commemorations of the 200th anniversary of Portugal /Brazil). It is also worth mentioning the invitation by the Punch and Judy Fellowship to present the “Teatro D. Roberto” in London in the celebrations of another birthday of Mr. Punch;  also the participation of an element of the company in a show with the company Royal de Luxe / France. The marionettes offered by the company to the Museu da Marioneta de Lisboa are also on display in its permanent collection dedicated to Portuguese puppet theatre. At the end of the year, the double CD “As Variedades de Proteu” by António José da Silva, by the Ministry of Culture (Oper performed in 2005 by SAMarionetas in co-production with the Cister Music Festival). The CD contains the entire show in audio. In October, once again, we organized the 11th National Puppet Theater Festival in Alcobaça “Puppets in the City”.

In 2009 , the company toured nationally with the shows “Aver Vessels – in the reign of D. João VI and Carlota Joaquina”, “The Mystery of Disappeared Books”, “D. Roberto Theater” and “Theatrum Puparum”. He was present at the Dynamics'09 Festival in the United Kingdom with the show Tempestade, at the Galicreques Festival in Galicia with the show Theatrum Puparum, and also at the Marionetas Festival in November in Leiria and participated in the Puppet Encounter in Montemor-o-Novo.
The show Génesis debuted in Santa Maria da Feira in the Medieval Journey, which was also in Salir – Loulé. The show MUSIS also premiered as part of the Alcobaça International Chamber Music Competition.
Organized the 12th edition of the National Puppet Theater Festival – Marionetas na Cidade.
In December, the exhibition “SAMarionetas - 12 years working for the puppet” opened at the Temporary Exhibitions Gallery of the Monastery of Alcobaça, which includes the company's assets.
In short, it presented around 182 shows in 37 locations.

In 2010 , he premiered at the Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça, the show Res Publica – the caricature at the service of public sadness, which toured throughout the country. The show Portucale premiered in Santa Maria da Feira at the Medieval Travel event.
He spent a season at the Monastery of Alcobaça with the show Theatrum Puparum – Inês de Castro, and participated with the same show in the 16th-century fair Foral de D. Manuel in Torres Novas; at the Festival MIMA International Puppet Show of the Atlantic that took place in S. Miguel – Azores; at the World Festival of Puppet Art in Prague – Rep. Czech; at the Galicreques Festival in Galicia.
Participated in the III Meeting of Puppets of Montemor-o-Novo. He participated in the event Terra dos Sonhos in Santa Maria da Feira with the show The adventures of the wooden boy, and premiered the show Na Tal Estrela at the Óbidos Vila Natal event.
He organized the 13th edition of Marionetas na Cidade in Alcobaça.

In 2011 , the company premiered the show "Amigo" at the cine-theatre of Alcobaça.
He participated in the BIME Biennial of Puppets of Évora, in the Festival of Puppets of Cádiz – Spain; at the IV Meeting of Puppets in Montemor-o-Novo; at the International Puppetbuskersfestival in Gent – Belgium; at the International Festival of Traditional Puppet Theater in Banska Bystrica – Slovakia. He also participated in the 10th Anniversary Celebrations of the Lisbon Puppet Museum; at Feira Afonsina in Guimarães and premiered the show Portucale – the consecration in the Medieval Journey in Santa Maria da Feira.
He organized the 14th edition of Marionetas na Cidade in Alcobaça and debuted in co-production with the Museu da Marioneta the show "Fado Portugal – a history of the knife and bowl".

In 2012 we celebrated 15 years of existence as a professional puppet theater structure. It was, without a doubt, an anniversary that goes down in the company's history, in which we made many trips, had many adventures, new friends and an endless number of stories that will remain in our memory forever. We started the year with a series of shows and puppet building workshops at the Fundação Cultural Armazém das Arte in Alcobaça, then in March we participated in the 3rd meeting of UNIMA Portugal in Espinho. Montemor-o-Novo marked the commemorations of the World Puppet Day in which we participated and shortly afterwards we returned to the 4th National Meeting of Teatro D. Roberto. On our way to Coimbra, we were invited to speak about our production “A Culpa foi da Inês” at the International Congress “Pedro e Inês: the future of the past”. May was the month when we premiered “A Farsa do Sapateiro”, an original by Sofia Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira and José Gil in Torres Novas. In the same month, tuba player Gil Gonçalves joined us and we left for China with the show “TUBIC” where we participated in the 21st UNIMA Congress and World Puppetry Festival in the city of Chengdu, where we hosted the “Puppetry Festival Participation”. In June, we premiered “ETC…” in the auditorium of the Casa Garden of Fundação Oriente in Macau during the Commemorations of the Day of Portugal and Communities in Macau. In July, we went to England to represent Portugal in the Celebrations of 350 years of Mr. Punch in Lincoln City. Santa Maria da Feira was the city that, in August, hosted the third premiere of this year “O Povoador”, an original by José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira, Rui Sousa and Sofia Vinagre.

Then we went to Kremnica in Slovakia to participate in the European Festival of Humor and Satire - Kremnica Gags 2012, where we received the nomination for best production of a children's show with the Dom Roberto theater. In September, we went to the European capital of culture – Guimarães, to participate in Feira Afonsina and then we traveled to Almaty in Kazakhstan to participate in the 2nd World Puppet Carnival.
October was once again the month to organize the Festival Marionetas na Cidade in Alcobaça, now in its 15th edition. In November we participated in the Casa Mágica festival in Valongo do Vouga. Also in December, we co-produced the street actions promoted by the Viver Alcobaça movement. We signed a partnership with Parque dos Monges in Alcobaça, where we will co-produce several events related to the puppet theater and where we will also inaugurate a puppet exhibition with part of the company's assets at the Museu dos Doces Conventuais. We also opened our On Line Store, selling puppets produced in the company's workshop. So in 2012, we produced 3 new shows, 1 festival, 1 exhibition, 111 representations of productions on stage in 13 locations in 5 different countries and we coordinated 6 puppet construction and manipulation workshops. Everything was possible with the unconditional support of the Municipality of Alcobaça, as well as that of all those who continue to support us in this project that has existed since 1997.

In 2013 , we made two premieres, presented the 13 productions that we keep on tour 163 times, held three puppet-building training courses and an exhibition. We started in the best way with the premiere of O Saloio de Alcobaça, a play recovered from the repertoire of the Dom Roberto theater. At the invitation of the Periferias festival, we performed in Sintra. In April the company received the Alcoa Gold award in the culture category by the newspaper O Alcoa and then we flew to Brussels to participate in the Journées européennes de la Marionnette at the Théâtre Royal du Peruchet. Returning to Portugal, we participated in the Puppet Encounter in Montemor-o-Novo and in the FOME Puppet Festival in Faro. Going up North, we were present at the 1st Exhibition of Robertos e Marionetas da Gafanha da Nazaré​. We organized the 1st Medieval Puppet Festival at Parque dos Monges in Alcobaça and once again we were present at the Medieval Fair in the lands of the Holy Queen in Torres Novas. In Águeda we participate in AgitÁgueda. In August we premiered O Gordo Afonso in Terras de Santa Maria da Feira in the Medieval Journey. We flew again and this time to South Korea where we were at the Puppet Festival in Chuncheon city. We still hadn't recovered and we were flying again now to participate in the 3rd World Puppet Carnival in Jakarta, Indonesia. Where we were nominated for best street show and received the award for best traditional street show. Also in September, with the edition of the Museu da Marioneta de Lisboa, we presented the book Dom Roberto by José Gil and we went once again to participate in the Feira Afonsina de Guimarães. Then we flew to France where we were present at the Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes in Charleville-Mézières. In October, for the 16th time, we organized the Marionetas na Cidade festival in Alcobaça. In partnership with the cooperative winery of Alcobaça, we launched Licoroso Dom Roberto wine in honor of the traditional Portuguese puppet theater. Then we fly again this time to participate in the 20th International Children & Youth Theater Festival in the city of Hamedan in Iran. To close the year, at the invitation of the Municipality of Marinha Grande, we present the Exhibition SAMarionetas - 16 years working for the puppet in the Foyer of the Glass Museum and in the Municipal Gallery that will remain until the end of January 2014, and we participate in the Christmas Fair of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Lisbon.

Special thanks to the Municipality of Alcobaça, for the support given to the company, to the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and to the Secretary of State for Culture/Government of Portugal who supported the Internationalization of 2013.

2014 was one of the best years ever for the company. We premiered four productions, “Os Cousins”, D. Sancho II - o Azarado”, “O cerco” originals by José Gil, Sofia Vinagre and Natacha Costa Pereira and “Por este rio up” by Fausto Bordalo Dias. We were in 7 countries, Brazil, Macau, Turkey, Spain, England, Austria, Thailand. We performed more than 150 presentations of 11 different productions in 37 locations, an exhibition and a training. 
We participate in several events dedicated to the art of puppetry around the world, but we highlight two in particular: the Mistelbach puppet festival in Austria which, through the city's philately club and the Austrian post office, created a day stamp dedicated to the Dom Roberto da SAMarionetas, and the Harmony World Puppet Carnival held in Bangkok, Thailand where we were awarded the “Best Traditional Show” award among 170 companies from 80 countries and which was the biggest event in the world held to date dedicated to puppet theatre.
We also highlight our participation in Portugal in major events such as the Foliazinho festival in Lousada, the FOME in Faro, the FIMO in Ovar, The Robertos Marathon in Lisbon, the Medieval Journey in Santa Maria da Feira, Os Encontros de Teatro de Odeceixe, The Afonsina Fair in Guimarães and participation in the ArtemRede program and in the Puppet Festival. 
In October we organized the 17th edition of Marionetas na Cidade in the city of Alcobaça, with 19 shows by 10 companies in 4 days.
We would like to thank the Government of Portugal/Secretary of State for Culture/ DGArtes, Municipality of Alcobaça, Embassy of Portugal in Thailand, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkien and Fundação Oriente in our participation in events outside Portugal and also to Terra-Produções, Art Institut , Casa de Portugal em Macau, the Union of Parish Councils of Alcobaça and Vestiaria, ACSIA, BricoMarché Alcobaça, António Padeiro Restaurant, Corações Unidos, Arte Ataca, and all the media that have supported us.
In 2015 we will celebrate 18 years as a professional puppet theater structure and we will celebrate this anniversary in a very special way by continuing to create, produce and promote puppet theater made in Portugal and in Portuguese as we have always done since 1997.

The year 2015 - 2 Premieres, 10 countries, 9 productions on tour, 108 performances, 1 exhibition.

This was the year of our 18th anniversary as a professional puppet theater structure. And nothing better to celebrate than a retrospective exhibition of our work. This is what happened from the 2nd of July to the 13th of September at the Puppet Museum in Lisbon. The best gift we could have! Thank you very much for the excellent work that so well portrayed our work until adulthood as a company. A very special hug to Dr. Maria José Machado Santos, Maria Carrelhas, António Viana, Miguel Costa and the entire team involved.

We started the year with the national tour of the show “Por este rio up”, which throughout the year took us to several venues from north to south of the country: Teatro Lethes in Faro, Teatro Stephans in Marinha Grande, Museu da Marioneta in Lisbon , Cultural and Congress Center of Caldas da Rainha, Gonçalves Sapinho Cultural Center in Benedita, Ílhavo Cultural Center, Sintra Theater House, Lousã Cine-Theater, João Mota Municipal Cine-Theatre in Sesimbra, Fernando Lopes Graça Municipal Auditorium in Almada, Cinema Theater Joaquim d'Almeida in Montijo and Cine-Theater of Sobral de Monte Agraço. To all of them our thanks for hosting this project.

We highlight the participation in Portugal in the events: Festival Periferias in Sintra, FestIn in Lisbon, 2nd edition Books & Movies in Alcobaça, EI! PUPPETS - International Puppet Encounter in Gondomar, FOME - Festival of Puppets and Objects in Faro, Feira Afonsina in Guimarães, Terra Transmontana Festival in Mogadouro, Caldas Anima in Caldas da Rainha, Medieval Journey in Terras de Santa Maria in Santa Maria da Feira, BE in Odeceixe, 5th Puppet Festival at the Center in Lousã, ArtemRede Puppet Festival 2015, Espinho Cidade Encantada 2015.

In October we organized the 18th edition of the Marionetas na Cidade festival in Alcobaça, and we obtained the EFFE-Label - recognition of an event of European artistic quality. There were 7 days with 11 companies and 12 shows.

2015 was the most international year ever for the company. Recognition of our work abroad is always very gratifying! In January we participated in Brazil in the 2nd São Vicente/São Paulo International Children's Theater Festival. Almost non-stop, we went straight to the 13th Ishara International Puppet Festival in New Delhi and Chandigarh in India. In April we embarked again for the United States of America where we presented shows in the state of New York in Farmingville and Tarrytown. Also in April we traveled to Belgium participating in the 2ª  Journées Européennes de la Marionnette at Le Théâtre Royal du Peruchet in Brussels. In May we went to Spain and attended the El Rinconcillo de Cristobica Festival in Granada. In July we returned to Spain and Granada to participate in the Verbena con títeres en la Huerta de San Vicente at Casa Museo Federico García Lorca and in August to the Titirinoia festival in Noia. September for the second consecutive time returns to the Festival Mondial des Théâtre de Marionettes  in the city of Charleville-Mézières in France. October was England's turn to see us at the Skipton Puppet Festival. Then we just changed our bags and traveled to Romania to participate in the Iasi Romania International Theater Festival for Young Audience in Iasi. November was the realization of an old desire/dream! We finally managed to go to Timor where we presented our shows as part of the Commemorations of the 500th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Portuguese in Timor in Dili and Oecussi.

But these thousands of kilometers across the world would not have been possible without the support of: Government of Portugal | Secretary of State for Culture | DGArtes, Camões - Language and Cooperation Institute, Portuguese Embassy in Dili, Municipality of Alcobaça, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Oriente Foundation, Arte Institute, Portuguese American Center of Sutffolk / Farmingville.

Thank you to the Union of Parishes of Alcobaça and Vestiaria for the Honorable Mention they gave us this year in the celebrations of their 2nd anniversary!

A Big Thank You to the Municipality of Alcobaça for continuing to believe in and support the puppet theater produced from Alcobaça in Portugal.

SAMarionetas - The numbers of 2016

110 Presentations - 2 international awards - 6 Countries - 11 touring productions

Fortunately, 2016 was a busy year and, once again, well traveled. We made 110 presentations of 11 original productions by the company, covering Portugal from north to south, including the Azores. We represent our country in various events around the world: in Spain we participated in the UNIMA World Congress 2016 and World Puppet Festival in San Sebastian/Tolosa; in France at Marionnet'IC 2016 - Côtes d'Armor/Binic; in England at the Lincoln Punch & Judy Festival; in Poland at the Animart World Puppet Carnival 2016 in the city of Lodz; and in China at  5th Shanghai International Puppet Festival & Competition.

With the participation in these festivals we received the prizes for “Best Manipulation” with the shows Dom Roberto and etc… in Poland and China “Artistic Innovation” with the show etc…

Once again we organized the Marionetas na Cidade festival in Alcobaça, which is now in its 19th edition, where national and international artists lived together and animated the streets and halls of the municipality of Alcobaça.

Throughout the year we kept a well-kept secret that, however, has already been revealed! We participated in the Portuguese version of the Broadway musical “Avenue Q” directed by Rui Melo. We made the puppets and taught the actors/singers to be puppeteers! It's a lot of work, but it will be worth the effort! The premiere is scheduled for February 2017.

It was a year of great commitment to roaming in Portugal and in large-scale projects. For the year we have many surprises as we celebrate 20 years as a professional structure and 20 years of the Marionetas na Cidade festival.

All of this would not have been possible without the unconditional support of the Municipality of Alcobaça and the council's Parish Councils, as well as local commerce and industry. In terms of internationalization, support came from DGArtes/Ministry of Culture, Fundação Oriente and Fundação GDA.

To all our THANKS for continuing to believe in the SAMarionetas – Teatro & Bonecos project.

See you soon and many good shows!!!!

2017 - In the year of commemoration of 20 years of activity as a professional structure, the company SAMarionetas – Teatro & Bonecos, produced, presented and disseminated its work all over the world.

We were in 9 countries, received 3 international awards and 1 nomination. We did 101 presentations of 10 different productions and 1 premiere.

In Portugal we presented our productions in more than 20 locations from north to south of the country, on the street and in theater. In festivals or other events where we highlight the Periferias Festival –  Sintra, the Mar-Marionetas Festival 2017 –  Espinho, the celebrations of the 25th of April 2017 in the Palace of São Bento in Lisbon, the EI! Puppets in Gondomar, the MÓ! Puppet Festival in Oeiras, Feira Afonsina in Guimarães, MIMMOS – Puppet Theater Exhibition, Masks and Objects from Sintra, the Cerveira International Art Biennial - Vila Nova de Cerveira, Caldas Anima in Caldas da Rainha, FOME - objects and puppets festival in FARO, among others.

“Lúmen – uma história de amor” was the biggest project ever done by the company which, in 8 months of work, involved around 100 people. One of the biggest puppet shows ever made in Portugal was created with 5-meter high puppets, and which more than 30 thousand people attended in three days.

Our biggest thanks, for believing in the local creative entities, goes to the Municipality of Alcobaça and the Centro Turismo Region, not leaving out all the volunteers involved in this mega project.

Around the world we highlight several places and events that welcomed and applauded us such as the Festival Mondial des Théâtre de Marionettes in Charleville-Mézières in France, the Harmony World Puppet  Kanchanaburi in Thailand, the Festival _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_LES MARIONNETTES SAUVAGES  - Lasauvage in Luxembourg the Gent - International Puppetbuskersfestival in Belgium, EXPO the  World Pupiv Festival in Puppetzapetry in Astana, Kyiv Ukraine, the PUN International Puppet Festival in Kolkata, India and the Portuguese Cultural Center of São Tomé and Príncipe.

We received several awards for our work during the year such as the "Puppeteers for Peace" Trophy at the Harmony World Puppet Festival in Kanchanaburi, Thailand. The Nomination for "Best Manipulation" at the Word Puppet Festival EXPO 2017 Astana in Kazakhstan.

The "Best Director" Award at EXPO2017 Word Puppet Festival Astana in Kazakhstan.

The "Preservation of traditions of ancient street theatre" Award at the 1st Kyiv International Festival of Puppet Theater in Ukraine.

We organized the 20th edition of Marionetas na Cidade – Alcobaça 2017 with participants from Spain, Argentina, Hungary, Italy, France and Portugal, with a total of 23 shows, 2 puppet building workshops, 1 photography exhibition and 2 documentaries.

We thank the Municipality of Alcobaça, the Union of Parishes of Alcobaça and Vestiaria, ACSIA, Crédito Agrícola de Alcobaça, Alcobaça Monastery, Wine Museum, Zé da Loja, Hotel Santa Maria, Hotel D. Inês de Castro and UNIMA-Portugal for support given in the organization of the 20th edition of this event.

We would like to thank the company's internationalization support, in particular DGArtes – General Direction of Arts and GDA Foundation. To the Portuguese Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine for the trip. To the Portuguese Embassy in São Tomé and Príncipe and to the Portuguese Cultural Center in São Tomé for everything and more. From the countries we visited - Thailand, Luxembourg, Belgium, Kazakhstan, France, Ukraine, India, São Tomé and Príncipe and Spain.

Finally, I would like to thank all those who have supported us for continuing to believe in the project that grows and expands every year.

Always with the puppet theater as the main object of its work, SAMarionetas – Teatro & Bonecos for 20 years from Alcobaça to the world. Thanks!!

2018 was a year of great travel and adventures. For the second time we put on stage an Opera by the great António José Da Silva and, for those who don't know, he only wrote for puppets, and on top of that with a fantastic team. Festival Cistermúsica and Artemrede joined forces and “The Harlequin and Mangerona Wars” took the stage with puppets, puppeteers, actors, singers and musicians. This was without a doubt the great project of 2018. Along with this adventure we went to several festivals around the world presenting our productions in Poland, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Thailand and Spain.

In Portugal we travel through 35 locations from north to south. We participated in the Eixos festival in Santa Maria da Feira, in the celebrations of the 25th of April at the Prime Minister's Official Residence in Lisbon, in Feira Afonsina in Guimarães, in Ponta Delgada in the Azores in Prenda, among others.

In Faro we presented the show “Lúmen uma história de amor” at the FOME festival organized by ACTA – A Companhia de Teatro do Algarve with the participation of the local population who were tireless in the collaboration and preparation of this great production. In the end more than 7 thousand spectators watched this love story.

In our city of Alcobaça, for the 21st time, we organized the Marionetas na Cidade festival, where 11 companies from 5 countries performed for 4 days. With the support of the Municipality of Alcobaça and the Union of Parishes of Alcobaça and Vestiaria as well as the local shops and hotels.

We don't want to forget to thank in particular those who helped us spread our art across borders. Thanks to the Municipality of Alcobaça, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and the Oriente Foundation.

We work throughout the year with many people and institutions that helped us to put our ideas and madness on the ground. To all who worked in any way with us, our Thank you very much!!!

In 2019 , the SAMarionetas company was in 8 countries with 11 different productions where 15,896 spectators watched the 107 presentations in 28 locations. We premiered 2 shows - Consonance with pianist Daniel Bernardes and A Viagem de Sophia with text by Sophia de Mello Breyner. We received the Gulliver Junior International award in Romania with the show etc… Spain, France, Belgium, Slovakia, São Tomé and Principe and Angola were the remaining trips outside Portugal.

In Sintra at Festival Imaginário and in São João da Madeira at Festival Hat Weekend we direct the community show Lúmen – a love story. We are eternally grateful for the effort and dedication of all the participants in this great production.

We organized the 22nd edition of the Marionetas na Cidade Festival in Alcobaça. There were 4 days, 9 companies, 11 productions and 21 presentations, with 1 national premiere and 1 Marionetas do Mundo exhibition – estate of the SAMarionetas company at the Alcobaça Wine Museum, which, in 30 days, had 768 visitors. This year, for the fifth time in a row, it had the European quality seal EFFE – Europe for Festival Festivals for Europe.

The company's presence at the EFFE Summit in Lisbon, at TEDx Alcobaça and at the 1st Iberian Theater Fair in Fundão should be mentioned.

Also a thank you to all the entities that supported us to go out of doors, Camões Institute for Cooperation and Language, Portuguese Cultural Center of São Tomé and Príncipe and Arte Institut. And finally, a thank you to the Municipality of Alcobaça that has always supported us in our projects indoors and out and to all those who have supported us for 22 years and 51 productions later.


In 2020 we started the year to receive the “Best Original Music” Award for the show Consonância com pianist Daniel Bernardes, awarded by the blog Guia dos Teatros.​

Soon after, and like everyone else, we were stuck waiting for better days.​

Even so, in 2020, we still presented 15 sessions of 5 different productions and guided 8 training courses in construction and manipulation of puppets of various techniques.​

We participated in the following events: Mariofa International Festival of Puppets, Objects and Animated Forms (Funchal), May Faire on line (London), RHI Stage on line, Fora dos Eixos (Santa Maria da Feira), Onda de Verão (Santa Cruz), Estado of Exception (Monte Real) and Christmas Moments (Alcobaça).​

We organized the 23rd edition of the Marionetas na Cidade Festival in Alcobaça, which sold out all 11 shows by 10 companies that presented 26 sessions in 3 days.​

We participated in the campaign to prevent violence against women and domestic violence 54 seconds promoted by the Union of Parishes of Marrazes and Barosa.​

We went to Canal Q to show É a vida Alvim to promote our latest production A Viagem de Sophia and the RTPPlay program Andarilho- Vou ali already come, spoke with us about our 23-year journey working for the doll._d04a07d8-9cd1 -3239-9149-20813d6c673b_

We also restored the marionettes of the musical Avenida Q (which we had built in 2016), which is now ending its fourth season, with almost always sold out, at Teatro Maria Matos, which makes us very proud._d04a07d8-9cd1-3239-9149 -20813d6c673b_

The end of the year was for the launch of our latest project: Mariolinda Tradespi – the missing Drag Influencer! This is a project to be developed on social networks and aims to be a space for fun but also for reflection on various subjects.​

It is being difficult to maintain the activity but thanks to the efforts of several public and private entities, the SAMarionetas company is resisting this whole new world. We sincerely thank all those who have believed that this project has a future.​

Thanks to the Portuguese Republic Culture – DGArtes|Direção Geral das Artes, Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian, Solidarity Fund for Culture, Alcobaça City Council, Union of Alcobaça and Vestiaria Parishes, Pensão Corações Unidos, Hotel Santa Maria, Tasca Zé da Loja, and to the public - the most important of all - who, despite all restrictions, continue to believe and support our work.

In 2021  The SAMarionetas company, despite having faced its biggest challenge as a professional puppet structure due to the situation created by Covid-19, where it saw the entire agenda suspended until May, fortunately, it remained alive , managing with great difficulty to overcome this interregnum and uncertainty about their future. In May we were at the Museu da Marioneta in Lisbon with the project “Consonância” with pianist Daniel Bernardes and also at the Seeds Festival in Almada and Loures. In the same month, with the support of the Portuguese Republic|Ministry of Culture, we premiered “Alfredo – the butterfly collector” in Alcobaça, immediately following the Évora International Puppet Biennial. Afterwards, we traveled “virtually” to the 34th International Theatrical Festival VALISE in Poland, with A Viagem de Sophia. Also in June we went in person to the International Puppet festival MATERINKA in Liberec at  Czech Republic where we received the “Best Manipulation Award” with “Theatro Dom Roberto”. In Torres Novas, we participated in the “Onda de Verão” event and we also highlight the workshops on this theater that we conducted at the Cultura em Expansão 2021 festival in Porto and at the Ei! Puppets in  Gondomar, as well as participation in the Iberian Theater Fair in Fundão. The month of August began with our presence at the EIXOS festival in Santa Maria da Feira, and then we made the second premiere of the year in co-production with the companies A Corda and Companhia Livre, a large-scale show with more than 50 people. on stage entitled “Margens da Batalha: As Mulheres de Aljubarrota” by Elsa Childs with the support of Rede Cultura Batalha de Aljubarrota 1385, Centro 2020|Portugal 2020 and Municipalities of Alcobaça, Batalha and Porto de Mós. For the 1st time we performed at the MOMO Circus Museum in Foz do Arouce/Lousã. September was a month of festivals. We participated in the 1st Festival “Once upon a time in the West” in Alcobaça. With our Dom Roberto we celebrate his entry into the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the unforgettable “É só Palheta 1st Meeting of Traditional Theater Dom Roberto” in Sintra/Agualva. Heading south by the FOME Festival we were in Tavira, São Brás de Alportel, Faro and Albufeira. October started in the best way at the MÓ Festival Marionetas in Oeiras where we received the “Prémio do Público” for the show Portucale. Best prize was impossible! We participated in the Festival Novo Palco in Benedita and opened the literary festival “Fólio” in Óbitos. We also organize the 24th edition of the Marionetas na Cidade festival in Alcobaça with sold-out shows full of public on the streets only possible with the support of the Guarantee Culture program, Municipality of Alcobaça, Union of Parishes of Alcobaça and Vestiaria as well as local commerce and industry . We ended the month at the FIMP-International Puppet Festival in Porto and in Sesimbra by Artemrede. November arrives with another premiere, this time a co-production with Orquestra Filarmonia das Beiras, the Opera "El Retablo de Maese Pedro" by Manuel de Falla with guest conductor Rita Castro Blanco and singers Vera Silva, Pedro Cruz and Tiago Matos with presentation by Jorge Castro Ribeiro. It was presented in Aveiro at the Autumn Festivals | UAveiro, Leiria | Music Festival in Leiria and Alcobaça | Cistermúsica Festival. To end November we participated in the Robertos Marathon at the Lisbon Puppet Museum on its 20th anniversary. In December we participated in the celebrations of the French Invasions Encruzilhada do Bussaco in Penacova and Lourinhã. We premiered the 4th production this year (how crazy) “Aljubarrota 1385 – A Batalha” back to the theme of Aljubarrota once again integrated into the Batalha de Aljubarrota 1385 Culture Network, Centro 2020|Portugal 2020 and Municipalities of Alcobaça, Batalha and Porto de Mós . Also this month we participated in the event Momentos de Natal organized by the União de Freguesias de Alcobaça e Vestiaria.

To end the year in beauty, the festival we organize, “Marionetas na Cidade”, is nominated for the “Iberian Festival Awards” in the “Non Music Festival” category and was, once again, recognized with the European quality seal EFFE – Europe for Festivals Festivals for Europe.

We can only thank everyone who has supported us since 1997 and remember that next year we are celebrating 25 years of uninterrupted activity. Hugs and see you next year…

in update...

The show "TUBIC" in June 2012, was present in Chengdu in China at the World Puppet Festival integrated in the 21st UNIMA congress this time with the participation of Tubista Gil Gonçalves where he received the "Award of Puppetry Festival Participation"

14th World Festival of Puppet Art 2010- Prague - Special Jury Prize “Preservation and continuity of the European street puppet tradition” with the show “D. Roberto ”In addition to this award, the show“ D. Roberto ”was one of three nominees for the“ Best Manipulation Award ”that was presented to Hyundai Puppet Theater from Seoul, Korea.

In 2006 the company was distinguished with the "Afonso Lopes Vieira Award" from Jornal Região de Leiria in the Arts and Spectacle category

In 2002 he co-produced with the band The Gift the video “A question of love” which won the "Best Production" award given by Gala TMN.

2014 - Harmony World Puppet Carnival held in Bangkok, Thailand, where we were awarded the “Best Traditional Show” award among 170 companies from 80 countries and which was the largest event in the world to date dedicated to puppet theater.

"Best Animation" Award
Animarte festival - Lodz - Poland - 2016
Prize - " Artistic Innovation Award " - 5th Golden Magnolia Shanghai International Puppet Festival - China - 2016

"Best Director"

Word Puppet Festival EXPO 2017 Astana

Kazakhstan - 2017


"Puppet for Peace" -

Harmony World Puppet Festival

Kanchanaburi - Thailand - 2017


"Junior Gulliver"

27th Festivalul International de Animatie Gulliver

Galati - Romania - 2019

consonance award.jpg

"Junior Gulliver"

27th Festivalul International de Animatie Gulliver

Galati - Romania - 2019


"Best Audience Show" Award

MO - Puppet Festival in Oeiras

 Portugal - 2021


Prize - "Best Manipulation" MATERINKA Festival - Liberec -Czech Republic - 2021

alfoz madrid.jpg

25 thousand spectators watched S.A.Marionetas productions in 2022

WhatsApp Image 2023-09-22 at 20.52.11.jpeg

Prize - "Acting / Manipulation Skills" - 30th International Festival of Children´s Theaters - Subotica - Serbia - 2023


In May 2023 we were invited by the band Coldplay to manipulate puppets from the Jim Henson Company band The Weirdos, in a stadium full of 50,000 people per day for 4 days!

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