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Original Title: Life on a Thread

Direction: José Ricardo Pinto

Authorship / Script: José Ricardo Pinto

Year: 2017 / Duration: 52 minutes


Question of love - The Gift

Award - best national production l

of music videos 2001 - TMN Gala

co-production SAMarionetas and The Gift

The only TV channel in the world entirely produced by puppets. The broadcasts started on March 21, 2011 and it is a channel where puppets will be the main interlocutors

Co-manipulation - Documentary about SA Puppets

Rita Pimenta and Gonçalo Tarquínio

(Producer Olho de Boi)

BANIF bank TV movies

 video of the making of​


The Adventures of BNEC

SAMarionetas and VELCRO co-production

João e a Sombra - Spring Awakening - 2016

Videoclip Carcarolas - 2011

Happy Holidays 2009

Boas Festas 2011

Stupid moment - 2011

World Puppet Day - 21 March 2013

Boas Festas 2010

don't say anything to anyone -2000

Monk likes this- 2012

Have you heard of 2000

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