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since 1998

 Festival Marionetas na Cidade


25th EDITION FROM OCTOBER 03 TO 09, 2022

25 years - 18 presentations - 11 companies - 4 countries - 1 exhibition

9 presentation spaces - 1 conversation with puppeteers

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O Festival  Marionetas na Cidade recebe o selo de qualidade do EFFE  desde  2015 e mais uma vez voltou to receive this distinction.  (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe).  "Experts recognize that this festival's connection with local community out as its main strength. The International Jury considers that the festival meets the EFFE criteria."…

EFFE is a gateway to Europe for Cultural Festivals and aims to broaden knowledge of what is happening in the festival world, while promoting excellence and innovation. The seal now received by the Marionetas na Cidade festival is given when festivals have the artistic commitment to involve their local communities and preserve the European and world perspective. 

From this moment on, Marionetas na Cidade, by the company SA Marionetas, is included in a complete festival guide that will be widely publicized, containing news and practical information about each event, as a recognition label for good work. EFFE will thus provide greater visibility and audience, as well as new networking possibilities.

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 categoria - Best Non Music Festival

Consultant CISION attributes to the Festival Marionetas da Cidade 2019 the third place as the most media event in the municipality of Alcobaça and the first place in events dedicated to the puppet theater in Portugal.

Consultant Cision's report says that the Marionettes in the City 2019 festival was the event dedicated to the most popular puppet theater in the country. Of ten events measured in the municipality of Alcobaça, the Marionetas na Cidade festival was in 3rd place with Cistermúsica (56) leading with a unique “bronze” distinction in the region followed by the Gravissimo festival (25). After the Marionetas na Cidade festival (23) comes from Feira de S. Bernardo (21), from the International Exhibition of Conventual Sweets & Liqueurs (17), from Aljubarrota Medieval (11), from Feira de S. Simão (7), the S. Bernardo Athletics Grand Prix (4) and the Municipality of Alcobaça Folklore Festival (1). Cision uses values ​​between 1 and 100 to classify performance in the media and social networks. On that scale. The Marionetas na Cidade festival, held 22 years ago in Alcobaça, organized by the company SAMarionetas and the support of the municipality received 23 points, placing first in the national list. The media analysis company evaluated the media performance of more than 1,500 events in Portugal during 2019 (or in the year of its last edition) by monitoring more than 2,500 Portuguese media in printed, online and audiovisual media.

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