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Espectáculos em cena para digressão 2012


on stage for tour
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LUMEN - a love story

Lumen is a large-scale puppet theater production that involves the local population, as well as sports, recreational and musical institutions. From this union of efforts a show is born illuminating the night through a musical and movement narrative in which all who attend participate. The greatness of the characters with 5 meters of height wander around the built heritage told stories that are confused with the local ones. The largest original creation ever made by the company SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos involving a team of dozens of people who help to build this work.

“Lumen - a love story. Great show, mix of puppets, light, original music, opera singers and videomaping, only possible for a company that has clearly reached a level of quality and professionalism above average, as is the case of SA Marionetas, who are dedicated to soul and heart to the puppet theater and the representation of Portugal in the world. ”

Maria José Machado Santos
Director of the Lisbon Puppet Museum - Portugal

“Simple, marvelous and inventive giant show! Light is coming inside the puppets. Light is the heart of these dancing giant puppets! ”

Dimitri Jageneau

Artistic Director of Théâtre Royal du Péruchet / Director of Les Journées Européennes de la Marionnette - Brussels - Belgium

“In the Lúmen show, the puppet is highlighted, taking the work that is done in this area, in Portugal, to a level of excellence.”

Jeaninne Trévidic

Artistic director of the FOME festival - Faro - Portugal

“A stunning and breathtaking spectacle that excels in the simplicity of the way in which a love story is told.”

Paulo Cintrão

Artistic director of the Imaginário festival - Sintra - Portugal


In a distant land full of life and beautiful like no other. There lived a person with a very particular taste. Collect butterflies. But only the red ones, the rarest. His obsession was such that he kept them in a protected place on all sides from potential thieves. One day when he was on one of his hunts, he was trapped in a hole. Scared, he does everything to get out and when he finally managed to get out he noticed that he had lost both legs. It didn't hurt at all, but they weren't there. Desperately he tries to find them but in vain, they were nowhere. And now how could he walk and jump to catch his butterflies?

This production by the company SAMarionetas is an old idea of ​​the company to address the issue of disability, but in a real way and at the same time with a sense of hope and struggle to overcome barriers.

Artistic Sheet

Original by José Manuel Valbom Gil

Directed by: José Gil, Sofia Olivença Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira

Manipulation: José Gil and Natacha Costa Pereira

Puppets and Costumes: Sofia Olivença Vinagre

Scenography: José Gil

Puppet Painting: Natacha Costa Pereira

Original Music: Hugo Trindade

Photography: Porto Bellotti / SAM / João Costa

Production: SAMarionetas - Teatro e Dolls

Institutional Partner: Portuguese Republic Ministry of Culture

Support: Alcobaça City Council, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Associated Structure at UNIMA Portugal

Duration: 45 minutes

Classification: Over 3 years old

51st Production


The S.A.Marionetas company presents its new production based on the text The journey of the book Contos Exemplares de Sophia de Mello Breyner. This is a journey that is being made through the characters of the story represented in puppets of direct manipulation that move in poetic wanderings through a place in constant mutation. The read word and the disconcerting movement of the imaginary world where all the action takes place is the motto for getting involved in the imagery of the poet through her words.

Text - Sophia de Mello Breyner

Staging - José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Olivença Vinagre

Narration - Carla Vasconcelos

Music: Israel Costa Pereira

Photography: Joaquim Pesqueira

Production: S.A.Marionetas

Duration: 43 minutes / rating: over 3 years

Show of interior spaces with black box

Award - "Best Original Music" Guia dos Theaters - 2020

Consonance Dom Roberto Piano and Theater

it is a project that brings together two arts that have in common the domain of improvisation and the consonance for free movement in music and theater. In the year that the traditional Portuguese puppet traveling theater is about to enter the list of intangible heritage of Portugal. José Gil puppeteer of the SAMarionetas company and performer of this theater with origins in the 18th century. Join the pianist Daniel Bernardes for an adventure of sounds, movements and emotions. Creating a sometimes abstract reality in a traditional theatrical parallel with sounds of modernity. Two performers of their knowledge in an unlikely game between a piano and the Dom Roberto theater.

Staging - José Gil and Daniel Bernardes

Original music - Daniel Bernardes

Puppeteer - José Gil

Pianist - Daniel Bernardes

Search - Sofia Vinagre and José Gil

Production - S.A.Marionetas

Duration - 60 minutes


Short stories of a place where its inhabitants live the most varied adventures. The innocence of the actions results in hilarious moments of humor experienced by the characters sculpted in sponge. Sounds and movements replace words, puppets captivate us with their simplicity, transporting us to a magical and captivating place and etc., etc., etc ... meanwhile the little cat did something he shouldn't, and etc., etc. ...


“An innovative, wordless show that conveys a stimulating and fun message. Simple movements with a magic and a life of their own ”

Elisa Vilaça - Curator of the Macao Puppet Museum


"Your show ETC. It was one of the best performances in this year program and it proved that simple can be perfect."

Selcuk Dincer - Festival Director "Izmir International Puppet Days" Turkey


Original and Staging: José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Vinagre


Production: S.A.Marionetas –Teatro & Bonecos


Duration: 45 minutes / classification: over 4 years

Prize - "Acting / Manipulation Skills" - 30th International Festival of Children´s Theatres - Subotica - Sérvia - 2023

Prize - "Gulliver Junior" 27th Festivalul International de Animatie Gulliver - Galati - Romania - 2019

Award - "Best Director" - Word Puppet Festival EXPO 2017 Astana - Kazakhstan - 2017

Award - "Best Animation" - Animart Festival - Lodz - Poland - 2016

Prize - " Artistic Innovation Award " - 5th Golden Magnolia Shanghai International Puppet Festival - China - 2016

Trophy - "Puppet for Peace" - Harmony World Puppet Festival - Kanchanaburi - Thailand - 2017

Nomination - "Best Manipulation" - Word Puppet Festival EXPO 2017 Astana - Kazakhstan - 2017

The Shoemaker's Hoax

“Gil Vicente debuts his new comedy at the wedding parties of D. Isabel with Carlos V. On days of debuting his new work, he goes into despair because the shoes for the actors that would be made by the royal shoemaker are missing. As he doesn't appear Gil Vicente decides to go to his house to see what is going on.

In Torres Novas, after being called by the king to deliver new shoes to use in the courts, he stayed at home trying to finish the shoes ordered by Gil Vicente, but he was always being interrupted by the tax collector, afraid that the money would not arrive. for the queen's dowry, she always asked for more money. ”

Original Text and Staging: Natacha Costa Pereira, Sofia Vinagre and José Gil

Production: S.A.Marionetas –Teatro & Bonecos

Duration: 30 minutes / classification: over 4 years old / itinerant street or indoor show


Theatrum Puparum

Inês de Castro
Aljubarrota Bread


The “Theatrum Puparum” (puppet theater) has 20 male puppets that work in a medieval environment. Dolls made of stick and clay manipulated by two beautiful maidens, the bonifrates illuminated by oil lamps tell the Stories of “D. Inês de Castro ”and / or“ A Padeira de Aljubarrota ”


Original text and Director: José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Vinegar

Production: S.A.Marionetas –Teatro & Bonecos

Duration: 30 minutes (each story) / classification: over 4 years / show for indoor and outdoor spaces




- "Preservation of traditions of ancient street theater" 1st Kyiv international festival of puppet theater - Ukraine - 2017

- "Best Traditional Show" Harmony World Puppet Carnival - Bangkok - Thailand 2014

- "Best Traditional Street show" Wayang World Puppet Carnival - Jakarta - Indonesia - 2013

- "Preservation and continuity of the European puppet theater" (14th world festival of puppet art in Prague) - 2010

Dom Roberto Theater

traditional Portuguese puppet theater

traditional repertoire titles

- The Barber 

- The Bullfight

- Castle Ghosts

- Rose and the three boyfriends
- Saloio de Alcobaça

The Robertos Theater certainly represents one of the oldest traditions of the performing arts, not only in its Portuguese and European aspects, but also in the popular heroes of the East. In fact, the origin of this popular art form of representation goes back, in the European tradition to the 16th century Italian Commedia dell 'Arte and it does not seem unlikely that the Eastern traditions have had any influence on the evolution of this traditional type of representation. .

SAMarionetas, having had the privilege of direct contact with Mestre António Dias, one of the last popular Portuguese puppeteers, recreated, based on his testimony, two pieces - “O Barbeiro” and “A Tourada”. More recently, and looking to preserve this traditional art form, the company has recovered three more pieces from the Robertos Theater repertoire - “A Rosa e os 3 Namorados” and “O Castelo dos Fantasmas” and Saloio de Alcobaça ".

The intention is thus not to let Robertos' theater disappear as a Portuguese cultural heritage.

Puppeteer: José Gil

patrimonio robertos.jpg

Portucale tells of the foundation of Portugal with the marriage of Count D. Henrique to D. Teresa, his death, the disagreements of D. Teresa with his son Afonso Henriques, his acclaim among the soldiers as King of Portucale and finally the desired recognition of the Pope.

Original Text and Staging:, José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Vinagre

Production: S.A.Marionetas –Teatro & Bonecos

classification: over 3 years old / show for outdoor or indoor spaces

Award - "Best Public Show" - MÓ Festival Marionetas e Objectos de Oeiras - 2021
Na Tal Estrela
an almost scientific fiction

On Christmas Eve Rita, after receiving the gifts, does not let her brothers play with her new toys and so she goes to the bedroom to punish herself to sleep.

That night he dreams that he reaches a star that he watches from his window every day and discovers that the inhabitants there are smaller than her, fluffy and full of fur.

Rita is amazed and promptly wants to play with those new friends! However, they do not let him explain that in that star no one can play unless alone and that it is expressly forbidden to help others.

Rita is very sad to realize that playing alone is not as fun as sharing the games with others and swears to herself never to be selfish with her brothers or anyone again.

Little by little Rita convinces those beings to live in a much more joyful way in a spirit of mutual help through a series of adventures and adventures.

Original Text and Staging: Sofia Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira and José Gil

Production: S.A.Marionetas –Teatro & Bonecos

Duration: 30 minutes rating: over 4 years


show for indoor spaces with black box

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