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Staging, Puppet Construction and Scenarios. Support for Manipulation and Manipulation.

A Pandora's Box is a box of surprises, everyone knows that.

Only in this case, this is in this show, dolls dance with dancers - something that doesn't happen every day, either on stage or at home.

Even more: the gods are the dolls! The dancers will be people and many other beings that inhabit this planet where we all meet.

Pandora was very curious, the story tells us, which is a quality but not to the point of doing the one thing that exactly I shouldn't do - open the box !!!!!!


Art sheet


SAMarionetas-Teatro & Bonecos 2007


Original Idea: José Gil

Direction: José Gil

Handling: José Gil, Sofia Vinagre and Natacha Costa Pereira

Puppet Construction: Sofia Vinagre and José Gil

Puppet Costumes: Sofia Vinagre

Drawings and Paintings: Natacha Costa Pereira

Scenic Structures: José Gil


CeDeCe 2007

Artistic Direction Maria Bessa • António Rodrigues / Direction of Scene and Lighting Design António Rodrigues

Resident Professors Luís Sousa • Patrícia Silva / Invited Professors Paulo Manso • Marc de Graef

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Margarida Brito • Charly Corcy • Kleber Cândido • Catarina Correia • Erica Gawley * • Amandine Leleu • Camila Moreira • Joana Puntel • Patrícia Silva • Luís Sousa • Vanessa Vieira

* ADC student on internship

Communication and secretarial support Sofia Fragoso / Secretary and Wardrobe Ana Maia

Technician João Paulo Mendes / Design of Disclosure Material and the Velcro Design Program

Photography Sérgio Claro / Translator Isabel Gawley

Legal Consultants Bessa de Carvalho Dias da Silva

Co-Production: SAMarionetas and CêDêCê - Contemporary Dance Company

pandora poster.jpg

Poster - Design Natacha Costa Pereira

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