LUMEN - a love story

Fotografia: Porto Bellotti

Fotografia: João Costa

Fotografia: João Costa

Fotografia: Porto Bellotti


Lumen is a large-scale puppet theater production that involves the local population, as well as sports, recreational and musical institutions. From this union of efforts a show is born illuminating the night through a musical and movement narrative in which all who attend participate. The greatness of the characters with 5 meters of height wander around the built heritage told stories that are confused with the local ones. The largest original creation ever made by the company SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos involving a team of dozens of people who help to build this work.

“Lumen - a love story. Great show, mix of puppets, light, original music, opera singers and videomaping, only possible for a company that has clearly reached a level of quality and professionalism above average, as is the case of SA Marionetas, who are dedicated to soul and heart to the puppet theater and the representation of Portugal in the world. ”

Maria José Machado Santos
Director of the Lisbon Puppet Museum - Portugal

“Simple, marvelous and inventive giant show! Light is coming inside the puppets. Light is the heart of these dancing giant puppets! ”

Dimitri Jageneau

Artistic Director of Théâtre Royal du Péruchet / Director of Les Journées Européennes de la Marionnette - Brussels - Belgium

“In the Lúmen show, the puppet is highlighted, taking the work that is done in this area, in Portugal, to a level of excellence.”

Jeaninne Trévidic

Artistic director of the FOME festival - Faro - Portugal

“A stunning and breathtaking spectacle that excels in the simplicity of the way in which a love story is told.”

Paulo Cintrão

Artistic director of the Imaginário festival - Sintra - Portugal

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