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In a distant land full of life and beautiful like no other. There lived a person with a very particular taste. Collect butterflies. But only the red ones, the rarest. His obsession was such that he kept them in a protected place on all sides from potential thieves. One day when he was on one of his hunts, he was trapped in a hole. Scared, he does everything to get out and when he finally managed to get out he noticed that he had lost both legs. It didn't hurt at all, but they weren't there. Desperately he tries to find them but in vain, they were nowhere. And now how could he walk and jump to catch his butterflies?

This production by the company SAMarionetas is an old idea of ​​the company to address the issue of disability, but in a real way and at the same time with a sense of hope and struggle to overcome barriers.

Show based on a short story by José Manuel Valbom Gil, author of several works for puppet theater and internationally awarded for his artistic creations and performances in this area. Here the author addresses several themes in the events that arise around the main character. The obsession with the obsessive life objective makes this character have the ingenuity and the will to go ahead regardless of the obstacles encountered due to her recent loss of mobility. At the same time, we find a message of hope through the solutions he found to move forward. The way everything ends with an abstract solution, but at the same time with a message of freedom and inclusion, leads us to maintain the hope to continue living regardless of the difficulties and obstacles encountered.

Artistic Sheet

Original by José Manuel Valbom Gil

Directed by: José Gil, Sofia Olivença Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira

Manipulation: José Gil and Natacha Costa Pereira

Puppets and Costumes: Sofia Olivença Vinagre

Scenography: José Gil

Puppet Painting: Natacha Costa Pereira

Original Music: Hugo Trindade ( Composition: Hugo Trindade, Saxophones: Mário Marques, Piano: Edgar Alexandre, Electric Bass: Hugo Trindade, Drums: Luís Pereira, Capture and Mixing: Edgar Alexandre, Mário Marques and Hugo Trindade, Editing and Mastering: Hugo Trinity)

Photography: Porto Bellotti / SAM / João Costa

Production: SAMarionetas - Teatro e Dolls

Institutional Partner: Portuguese Republic Ministry of Culture

Support: Alcobaça City Council, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Associated Structure at UNIMA Portugal

Duration: 45 minutes

Classification: Over 3 years old

51st Production

Assembly: 4 hours / Disassembly: 2 hours

Scene space: 8.00 m wide, 5.00 m deep, 4.00 m high

black drapery

2 micro headset

1 sound system with on-stage connection

All lights in the show are from the company

full show video
full show
Video Promo
To see full show video ask password by email
To see the full show, ask for the password by email
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