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companies / artists participating in the festival
Marionetas na Cidade

Burning Water Theater
Algarve Theater Company
Porto Puppet Theater
Once Upon a Time - Puppet Theater
Master Filipe and his Puppets
Dolls of Santo Aleixo
SAMarionetas - Theater and Puppets
The Tarumba - Puppet Theater
Open Scene
Delphim Miranda
Maurioneta - Puppet Theater
Lisbon Puppets
D`Abarca puppet group
The Waldevins ​
The Four Paws
Uncle Teo's Cabin
Stephen Mottram
Image Makers ​
Project Pumba

Mandrake Theater and Puppets

The nose

ACTI - Theater of the Imaginary

Zephyro Theater
Prof. Clive Chandler
Theater Pas Sage
Alexandre Pring
Elementary Particles
Puppets from Madeira
Iron Theater
Prof. Davey
Zero Limit
Olive Oil
Full moon
Marimbondo Company
Fair Puppets
MAO - Puppets Actors & Objects
Cia de Puppets
TFA - Theater of Animated Forms
dog mouth
Figuren Theater Tubingen
Teater Reflection
in the world of the moon
Navel - theater company
Angela Ribeiro
Alma d'Arame
Vitor Santa-Bárbara
Puppets João Costa
João Calisto and Tiago Viegas
El Patio
La Fontana - Animated Shapes
Red Cloud
Los Claveles
Irene Vecchia
Theater des Tarabates
Ricardo Ávila
Gasparko -  Juraj Hamar
the bubble
Daniel Bernardes
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