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Dom Roberto Piano and Theater

It is a project that brings together two arts that have in common the domain of improvisation and the consonance for free movement in music and theater. In the year that the traditional Portuguese puppet traveling theater is about to enter the list of intangible heritage of Portugal. José Gil puppeteer of the SAMarionetas company and performer of this theater with origins in the 18th century. Join the pianist Daniel Bernardes for an adventure of sounds, movements and emotions. Creating a sometimes abstract reality in a traditional theatrical parallel with sounds of modernity. Two performers of their knowledge in an unlikely game between a piano and the Dom Roberto theater.

Staging - José Gil and Daniel Bernardes

Original Music - Daniel Bernardes

Puppeteer - José Gil

Pianist - Daniel Bernardes

Search - Sofia Vinagre and José Gil

Production - SAMarionetas

Duration - 60 minutes - classification over 4 years

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 full show video
full show
 promo video - 06:03
To see full show video ask password by email
To see the full show, ask for the password by email
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