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Working for the puppet

18 years in the life of SAMarionetas

Puppet Museum | Lisbon

26.07.2015 to 14.09.2015

António Viana and Carlos Antunes. Exhibition Commissioners

16 years working for the puppet

Foyer of the Glass Museum and Municipal Gallery  Marinha Grande

12.19.2013 to 01.31.2014


12 years working for the puppet

Gallery of Temporary Exhibitions of the Monastery of Alcobaça

12.19.2009 to 02.19.2010

Jorge Pereira de Sampaio | Exhibition Commissioner

Puppets in Alcobaça 1979 – 2007

10 years SAPuppets

(commemorating the 10th anniversary of SAMarionetas)

Warehouse of the Arts | Alcobaça

10.05.2007 to 12.31.2007

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