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Off-Stage Shows

Here is some information about the company's productions, which for "some reason" we have stopped presenting, at least for now. These are shows that are currently resting, resting ...

Other shows that are no longer on the scene   

Res publica
caricature at the service of public sadness

Following its previous work on the history of Portugal, namely the story of “Inês de Castro”, “Padeira de Aljubarrota” and more recently “A Ver Navios no reign de D. João VI and Carlota Joaquina”, the company S.A.Marionetas gives continuation of this cycle addressing the theme of the Republic.
In this production, the concern of reporting historical events remains, both at a political and social level, using string puppets for this purpose.
The construction of the puppets is inspired by the caricatural work of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, thus creating characters that are living caricatures that represent those involved in the events that culminated in the 1910 revolution.
Bordalo Pinheiro and his most famous character Zé Povinho meet in a lively conversation to tell each other the events that led to the establishment of the Republic. Bordalo passed away before everything happened, but Zé will tell you how it all happened. Contemporary artists of the time also attended, and appeared to give a brushstroke or a touch of poetry to the events.
A country in chaos, a king erased, an angry people, and the caricature at the service of public sadness.

(Show proposed for the national celebrations of the centenary of the Republic)

Seeing Ships
in the reign of D.João VI and Carlota Joaquina

1807, November. Almost at the gates of Lisbon, Napoleon's troops threaten to make the King capitulate,
as has already happened throughout Europe and even in neighboring Spain
with whom he had previously formed a coalition.
In the office, D. João VI meets with his advisors. He has to decide whether to join the Continental Blockade decreed by Napoleon against the English, or whether to embark on a journey never undertaken by a European monarch with the support of the “ever-present and old allies” of the English.
Thus begins the show that tells the great adventure of D. João VI
and his entire court in Brazil. It tells how it happened and why it happened.
The cast has 22 string puppets.

                           Show integrated into the celebrations of 200 years Portugal / Brazil

Artistic Sheet

Original Text: Sofia Vinagre, José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira and Rui Sousa
Manipulation Director: José Gil
Construction of the Puppets: Sofia Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira and José Gil
Puppet Costumes: Sofia Vinagre
Puppet Painting: Natacha Costa Pereira
Puppeteer costumes: Maria Luisa Valbom Gil
Puppeteers: José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Vinagre, Rui Sousa
Stage manager: Rui Sousa
Scene Painting: Natacha Costa Pereira
Scenic Structures: José Gil
Musician (Portuguese Guitar): Rui Sousa
Original Music: Rui Sousa
Research: Sofia Vinagre e  Natacha Costa Pereira
Co-production: S.A.Marionetas and Cine-Teatro de Alcobaça


Down this river (2014)

SAMarionetas intends with this creation to pay homage to two masterpieces of Portuguese culture - The Pilgrimage of Fernão Mendes Pinto and the album For this river above Fausto Bordalo Dias - through the puppet theater, following the ideological line of creation of Fausto himself , converging tradition with modernity. We intend to build a visual material around the hearing of this disc, crossing different techniques and performative languages. Hear, See and Feel is the proposal.

Artistic Direction and Staging: José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Olivença Vinagre

Original music: Fausto Bordalo Dias

Handling: Sofia Olivença Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira and José Gil

Puppets: Sofia Olivença Vinagre, José Gil and Natacha Costa Pereira

Glass Puppets: Joana Silva and Jérémy Carvalho / Cencal

Scenography: Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Olivença Vinagre

Digital Manipulation and Drawing in real time: Natacha Costa Pereira

Costumes: Sofia Olivença Vinagre

Scenic Structures: José Gil

Over 12 years old

Support: Government of Portugal / Secretary of State for Culture / DGArtes, Alcobaça City Council, CENCAL, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, UNIMA-Portugal, ESDICA.

The Unlucky King (2014)

A boy becomes king at the age of thirteen! Poor thing… weak, weak and without leadership power, he marries his cousin without saying anything to the Pope! Brother Afonso, on the other hand, was fearless and strong and by all means will try to take the throne from his brother. In this process he gets the support of the Church, the nobles and even the people. Poor boy! that despite everything there is managing to reign with the support of his wife. But Afonso, eager for power, will achieve his goals by taking his brother into exile in Toledo!

Original Text and Staging: Sofia Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira and José Gil

Production: SAMarionetas –Teatro & Bonecos
Duration: 20 minutes rating: all ages


itinerant show for outdoor or indoor spaces

O Gordo Afonso (2013)

Afonso II, D. Teresa, D. Sancha and D. Mafalda prepare to listen to the testament of their father D. Sancho I. But, behold, it brings surprises and discord! The sisters don't pay, the brother gets angry and tries to put order in the kingdom! But… clergy and nobles also don't like the new provisions !! Even so, D. Afonso reigned and left the first document written in Portuguese!

Original Text and Staging: Natacha Costa Pereira, José Gil and Sofia Vinagre

Production: SAMarionetas –Teatro & Bonecos

Duration: 20 minutes rating: all ages


itinerant show for outdoor or indoor spaces

FRIEND (2011)


The company SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos presents its most recent production “AMIGO”, an original by José Gil and Camila Moreira. After SAMarionetas co-produced in 2007 with CêDêCê - contemporary dance company the show The Pandora's Box, now brings contemporary dance and puppetry together in a naked space where one of the most beautiful values ​​found can have between two beings - friendship. “FRIEND” is the fulfillment of an old desire between the two protagonists (José Gil and Camila Moreira) where it is intended to merge these two forms of art in a way never seen before, thus leading to a narrative approach, where words are replaced through music and movement.

“FRIEND” may be the most beautiful, but at the same time the most risky show we have ever done, as we are working with a 15-string puppet live on a stage with a ballerina where anything can happen, as in the circus that the public you will see if the artist “falls” here is more if the artists “curl up” JG / CM.

Original José Gil and Camila Moreira / Ballerina Camila Moreira / Puppeteer José Gil / Choreography / Camila Moreira Puppet Construction José Gil / Puppet Costume Maria Luisa Valbom Gil / Ballet Costume Maria Luisa Valbom Gil / Scenic Structures José Gil / Music Audible Architecture e Daniel Bernardes / Photography Sofia Vinagre / Support Dance Academy of Alcobaça / Production SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos

GENESIS (2009)

Self of Creation + Doomsday Altarpiece

This troupe of puppeteers promised their benefactor Dom Pero Paes Pereira, a good and faithful man, to tell the stories he most liked using his tombstone. This good man did not want to use this beautiful work of art in limestone for his final rest, thus leaving it in testament to this itinerant troupe of puppeteers who recreated the “Auto da Criação” and the “Final Judgment” altarpiece according to his desire. The "functions" depict an allegory of the creation of the world with Adam, Eve, the forbidden and clear fruit to the Serpent, as well as the doomsday altarpiece where sinners will go to Hell and good men will go to Heaven. But that judgment will be done by all those who attend these functions.

Original by José Gil, Sofia Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira and Rui Sousa / Staging: Rui Sousa, José Gil, Sofia Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira / Puppet Construction: Rui Sousa, José Gil / Puppeteers: Sofia Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira, José Gil, Rui Sousa / Research: Sofia Vinagre / Dressmaker: Maria Luísa Gil / Original Music: Rui Sousa Sculptures: Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Vinagre

Scenic Structures: José Gil and Rui Sousa / Photography: Sofia Vinagre / João Costa / Production: SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos

T UB IC (2005)


"Tubic is a lively conversation without words between the puppeteers and the virtuoso tuba player, Sérgio Carolino. The simple sponge figures show a series of sketches, which are, as a whole and individually, captivating and charming.

Puppets are delicious and we promise you have never heard a tuba played in this way before. Whether you are a music lover, or puppets, or both, this show will definitely leave you smiling. "

Clive Chandler (Festival director Dynamics-International Puppet Festival-Birmingham-England

Original idea and Staging: José Gil and Sérgio Carolino

Production: SAMarionetas –Teatro & Bonecos


Speechless show

Duration: 45 minutes / classification: over 4 years / show for a room with black box

The Fault was by Inês (2005)

Companhia SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos presents, for the first time in puppet theater, the tragic life of D. Inês de Castro and D. Pedro I. The show encompasses the time period beginning with the birth of D. Pedro I, portraying the universal romantic tragedy, in a perspective that seeks to balance the legendary aspect with history, but also to recreate and reinvent the myth by correlating it with its more or less contemporary interpretations. The cast has fifty puppets.

"Kingdom of Portugal. The year of Grace is in 1320 and in the recent nation there is still a struggle with the Moors, there to the south, in the Algarve, sometimes with the neighbors of Castile, there to the east, and, against the plague everywhere ... The King , the brave D. Afonso IV, has the best news of the year this spring: the young D. Pedro was born in Coimbra and everything led him to believe that this time Providência smiled at him ... the future looked bright. Now, for the kingdom to thrive like its son, it was enough to try to find him a wife. But there would certainly be no problems… ”

Show integrated in the National Celebrations of the Inesian Year.

Original: Sofia Vinagre, José Gil, Jaime Leão / Staging: José Gil Manipulation: José Gil, Jaime Leão, Sofia Vinagre / Puppets: José Gil / Scenography: Alexandre Pring / Costumes and Props: Sofia Vinagre / Maria Luísa Gil / Search: Sofia Vinagre and Jaime Leão / Original Music: Pedro Marques / João Frazão / Photography: Joaquim Pesqueira / Co-Production: Friends of D. Pedro and D. Inês and SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos

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