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the missing Drag influencer

The new creation of SAMarionetas is on social networks to have fun and amuse your followers. follow her on Instagram and facebook.


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  • mariolinda tradespi
  • mariolinda tradespi

Mariolinda Tradespi from her stage name, the missing Drag influencer. It's on social media and not just to brighten up and amuse the gray days and brighten up the sun. Environmentally and animal-friendly, she loves glitter and glitter. He's serious when he has to be, but what he really likes is a rocking Outlook. Defender of the rights and freedoms of all puppets and human beings, she loves a good party after watching a puppet show. He has a predilection for  Portuguese food and never refuses a sweet, but in moderation. Because it has to fit inside your dresses all year round. She doesn't like being shut up in a closet or box and loves to be handled by a professional. He doesn't say how old he is because he thinks it doesn't matter. Free, loose and fun. Refuses to talk to negative people and loves cute surprises.

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