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Puppet Construction and Handling Support


AVENIDA Q is a Sesame Street in steroids, which combines Muppets aesthetics with such an adult language that it only works because life is a long march of boredom towards the grave. Oh, and because the songs are great. The story follows LUÍS, a recent graduate full of hope, PAULA (the sow), FÉLIX (the gay in the closet) and TREKKIE (the pervert) among others. Together, they try to find a purpose in life and talk about the existential themes that affect us all, in an innovative show that changed Broadway and made viewers passionate.

Authors Robert Lopez, Jeff Marx, Jeff Whitty Direction Rui Melo Text Translation and Adaptation Henrique Dias Translation and Adaptation of Songs Henrique Dias and Rui Melo Musical Direction Artur Guimarães Light Design Paulo Sabino Puppet Construction and Support for Manipulation Companhia SAMarionetas - Teatro & Dolls - Sofia Olivença Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira, José Manuel Valbom Gil, Maria Arnaldo Olivença, Palmira Salvador, Maria Luísa Gil Associate Producer Gonçalo Castel-Branco Production Production Force

With Ana Cloe, Diogo Valsassina, Samuel Alves, Gabriela Barros, Inês Aires Pereira, Rui Maria Pêgo, Rodrigo Saraiva and Manuel Moreira.



11 JAN - 25 FEB / Sá da Bandeira Theater, Porto


SEPT 07 - DEC 30 / Ocean Auditorium, Casino Lisboa

08 FEB - 02 APR / Teatro da Trindade Inatel, Lisbon

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