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caricature in the service of public sadness

Following its previous work on the history of Portugal, namely the story of “Inês de Castro”, “Padeira de Aljubarrota” and more recently “A Ver Navios in the reign of D. João VI and Carlota Joaquina” the company SAMarionetas continues to this cycle addressing the theme of the Republic.
In this production, the concern remains to report historical events, both politically and socially, using string puppets for this purpose.
The construction of the puppets is inspired by Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro's caricatural work, thus creating characters that are vivid caricatures that represent the actors of the events that culminated in the 1910 revolution.
Bordalo Pinheiro and his most famous character Zé Povinho meet in animated conversation to tell each other the events that led to the implantation of the Republic. Bordalo passed away before everything happened, but Zé will tell you how it happened. Contemporary artists of the time also watched, and appear to give a stroke or a touch of poetry to events.
A country in chaos, an extinguished king, a revolted people, and a cartoon at the service of public sadness.

We are a family owned and operated business.

(Proposed show for the national celebrations of the centenary of the Republic)

Artistic Sheet

We are a family owned and operated business.

Original text: Sofia Vinagre, José Gile Natacha Costa Pereira
Manipulation Direction: José Gil
Puppet Construction: Sofia Vinagre, Natacha Costa Pereira and José Gil
Puppet Costumes: Sofia Vinagre
Puppet Painting: Natacha Costa Pereira
Puppeteer costumes: Maria Luisa Valbom Gil
Puppeteers: José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Vinagre
Scenery Painting: Natacha Costa Pereira
Scenic Structures: José Gil
Music: Banda de Alcobaça
Research: Sofia Vinagre and Natacha Costa Pereira
Production: SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos


Technique: string puppets
Duration: 50 minutes
Height: 3 meters
Depth: 5 meters
Width: 7 meters
Assembly: 3:00 hours
Disassembly: 2:00 hours
Support space: 1 dressing room
Classification: over 6 years
Maximum recommended viewers: 200

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