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Theatrum Puparum
- Inês de Castro
- The Aljubarrota Bread

The “Theatrum Puparum” (puppet theater)
has 20 male puppets working in a medieval environment. Dolls made of stick and clay manipulated by two beautiful maidens, the bonifrates illuminated by oil lamps tell the Stories of “D. Inês de Castro ”and / or“ A Padeira de Aljubarrota ”.

“By order of the lord of these lands that the functions be done according to the truth of the events and that the dolls faithfully represent the ladies and the lords of these stories. The animators of the dolls during the functions are forbidden to give thanks to the person of the king and queen, the ladies, the knights and the lords of these stories, or even to our lord our father, under penalty of being withdrawn the license to animate dolls or receive a greater punishment mentioned by the king or the lord of these lands. ”

Artistic File


Original by José Gil, Sofia Vinagre and Natacha Costa Pereira

Direction: José Gil

Handling: Sofia Vinagre, José Gil and Natacha Costa Pereira

Puppets: Sofia Vinagre

Scenography: Natacha Costa Pereira

Puppet Costumes: Sofia Vinagre

Puppet Painting: Natacha Costa Pereira

Scenic Structures: José Gil

Seamstress: Maria Luísa Gil
Research: Sofia Vinagre and José Gil
Production: SAMarionetas - Teatro & Bonecos


Technique: Stick Puppets
Show Duration (each Story): 30 min.
(there is a small gap between each function)
Classification: Over 4 years


Functions can be performed in a tent
or without tent outside or inside

without Tent
Assembly: 00.30 min. / Disassembly: 00.30 min.
Height: 3.00 m / Width: 3 m / Depth: 3.00 m
Maximum Spectators: 100
Light Raider (room only

with Tent
Assembly: 3 Hours / Disassembly: 2 Hours
no spies
Height: 3.00 m / Width: 3 m / Depth: 8.00 m
with spies
Height: 3.00 m / Width: 6 m / Depth: 11.00 m


Closed Tent
Maximum Spectators: 40
Half Open Tent
Maximum Spectators: 100

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