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The company S.A.Marionetas de Alcobaça was the company chosen by the band Coldplay to manipulate the puppets, live, at concerts in Portugal.

In all the countries where it operates, the band looks for professional puppeteers to manipulate the puppets that form the band The Weirdos, composed exclusively of puppets, for the theme Biutyful.

In Coimbra, the puppeteers from the S.A.Marionetas company included Sparkman (Guitarist), Donk (Drummer) and The Wizard (Keyboardist). The invitation came from the producer Everything is New when the company was on tour in Europe. The S.A.Marionetas team included puppeteers from other companies - A Bolha and Caricata Teatro - who usually work with S.A.Marionetas on the giant puppet show Lúmen - a love story.


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