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This creation of the company SAMarionetas is the result of several years of work in the area of puppet theater, more specifically in creations without the use of the word as a means of communication. This way of doing theater gives the spectator a magical universe that transports him into the action. Since there is no word barrier, this production has been presented all over the world. It had its debut in Macau and has passed through countries like China, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Indonesia and Iran.

Short stories of a place where its inhabitants live the most varied adventures. The innocence of the actions results in moments of humor experienced by the characters sculpted in sponge. Sounds and movements replace words, puppets captivate us with their simplicity, transporting us to a magical and captivating place and etc., etc., etc ... meanwhile the bird does something it shouldn't, the cat plays, the ball rolls and etc., etc. and etc…



"Simplicity is complicated. This oxymoron can only be achieved if experience, competence and enjoyment come together. Whether in the equation of small things, in knowing how to live day-to-day, or in building a show, etc., etc." ETC " is one of those (rare) examples in which the complicated becomes simple and the miracle of communication - the anchor secret of art - happens, etc., etc. "


João de Mello Alvim, Artistic Director of the Festival Periferias / Chão de Oliva - Sintra. Portugal


“An innovative show, without words in which it conveys a stimulating and fun message. Simple movements with a magic and a life of their own ”


Elisa Vilaça - Curator of the Macao Puppet Museum. China

Artistic File

Original from
José Gil, Natacha Costa Pereira and Sofia Vinagre
Natacha Costa Pereira, Sofia Vinagre and José Gil
Puppet Construction

Natacha Costa Pereira and José Gil
José Gil, Sofia Vinagre and Natacha Costa Pereira

Original music 

Gonçalo Tarquínio

SAMarionetas - Theater & Dolls



Technique: Table Puppets
Show Duration: 45 minutes
Height: 3 m
Width: 5 m
Depth 4 m
Editing: 120 minutes
Disassembly: 60 minutes
Support Space. 1 Dressing room
Classification: Over 4 years
Maximum recommended Spectators: 250

Speechless show

Show for out site or indoor spaces with black box

Video . promo 

full show video 
full show 
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