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The company SAMarionetas -Teatro & Bonecos, presents the new TV channel to “SAMARIONETAS TV”.
The only TV channel in the world entirely produced by puppets. The broadcasts started on March 21st, 2011 and it is a channel where puppets will be the main interlocutors. Be aware, SAMARIONETAS TV studios are always working to surprise you with the most unbelievable programs and news in the puppet world and beyond.

We are a family owned and operated business.

SAMarionetas TV broadcasts are currently closed due to a technical problem of lack of time for their realization.

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Zero Emission

1st Issue

March 21, 2011

2nd Issue

5 April 2011

3rd Issue

29 April 2011

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27 May 2011


5th Issue

11 July 2011

6th Issue

22 January 2012

FLASH issue with Herman José

March 2012

7th Issue

29 June 2012

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