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Staging, Puppet Construction and Scenarios. Support for Manipulation and Manipulation.

Over the course of several months, to make Storm's debut possible, companies worked in both countries developing new shadow theater techniques on a cinematic scale, using glass, sand and water puppets, projecting shadows by moving light points. on a 7m x 5m screen.
Simultaneously, in Portugal, designers and glass masters of the world-famous Atlantis Crystal (Cós) and Crisform (Professional Training Center for the Cristalaria Sector - Marinha Grande) created the puppets for Tempest.
An eclectic instrumentation is being used by musicians-composers, English and Portuguese, to create the music that guides the show, which includes crystal bowls with and without water, chime and glass vibraphone, electric and acoustic guitars, sounds manipulated by a “Granulator” (computer program) and psalter - a kind of medieval harp. Most of these instruments - glass, wood / strings and Perspex - have been designed to create an impact both when projected and when played.
“Tempestade” is faithful to the themes covered in Shakespeare's “The Tempest” but is essentially a non-verbal show. Despite presenting fragments of poetic language, the story is told with images and sounds. With the mix of Shakespeare, original visual theater, puppetry and shadow theater, object manipulation, traditional and contemporary music, Tempestade is aimed at an adult and young audience (over 9 years old).


The idea for the Theater of Glass came up in 2007 by SAMarionetas de Portugal and PuppetLink from the United Kingdom, whose artistic directors - José Gil and Clive Chandler - were inspired by the possibility of creating shadow theater through the projection of light through glass. With the collaboration of the artists from Crisform and Atlantis Crystal in Portugal, this idea was realized in the innovative production of Tempestade.
In the same way that it presents experimental shadow theater techniques, Tempestade, relies on the original music to create its history and dynamics. Our talented composers / musicians are creating music with traditional instruments, computer-manipulated sound, as well as instruments created specifically for this production - crystal bowls and chimes, glass vibraphone and double rigid psaltery.

Special thanks to Janine Christley of the International Glass Festival in Stourbridge, for the encouragement and encouragement for this work, and Catarina Carvalho of the Glass Museum of Marinha Grande.

Theater of Glass

Artistic Director: Clive Chandler
Manipulation Direction: José Gil
Producers: Sally Rew and Sofia Vinagre
Musician-composer: Edward Briggs
Musician: Hugo Trindade
Actors-Manipulators: Marcus Fernando, José Gil, Tina Hofman, Natacha Costa Pereira, Sofia Vinagre
Ariel Design: Hugo Amado - Atlantis Crystal
Glass artists: Nelson Dinis, Rita Barata, Joana Silva - Crisform
Puppet Creation: José Gil
Lighting Technician: Jim Duncombe
Coach: Chris Cuthbert
Stained Glass: Rachel Elliott
Illustrator: John Crane
Psalter: Paul Baker
Glass Vibraphone: Jim Doble - Elemental Design
Music students: Michael Hukins, Sarah Price
Photography: Marcus Fernando
Co-Production: SAMarionetas and PuppetLink

“Tempestade” is supported by the Arts Council England Lottery - Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation - PRS Foundation - Camões Institute - Alcobaça Municipal Council - Marinha Grande Municipal Council - Marinha Grande Glass Museum - Crisform - Altantis Crystal - TFT. Teleinformatics - Ad-Lib Sound and Light Rental - William A Cadbury Charitable Trust - The Sir Barry Jackson Trust

Acknowledgments: to the Board of PuppetLink Ltd; Hagley Catholic High School; Alcobaça Cine-Theater; D. Inês de Castro de Alcobaça Secondary School

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